Participatory approaches for climate change governance – brief for…

Brendon Bosworth worked with the Deepening Democracy Programme (DDP) in Kenya to produce a practitioner brief on participatory approaches for inclusive climate change governance.  The document shares insights from a range of participatory approaches that DDP’s implementing partners use in their climate governance work with grassroots communities. 

The brief showcases a compilation of participatory approaches. These are grouped according to four themes:

1)  Supporting social inclusion, participation, and empowerment for local decision-making and action

2)  Enhancing adaptive capacities

3)  Strengthening structures and linkages across all governance levels

4)  Integrating climate resilience into policy and planning

Each approach includes good practices and principles that demonstrate how climate resilience, adaptive capacity, and strengthening governance are connected and interdependent. The brief offers an analysis of which approaches work well in particular contexts, and why. It provides insights on factors to consider when implementing climate change governance at different levels.

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